Tyranny of Dragons

Defending the Keep

The party met up with Governor Nighthill and the Castellan, Escobert the Red, and committed themselves to assisting with the defense of the keep.

The first order of business was to open up the Secret Tunnel. There was an old door in a cellar that the Castellan had the key to (he had a huge keyring that would have served as armour for a halfling.. The door was stiff, but it opened into a dark tunnel festooned with cobwebs. Seraphina went first, followed by Dona and Captain Caine. Thertranna and Breonna followed up.

Seraphina rounded a corner of the tunnel, only to find the tunnel full of rats! She and Dona were bitten many times before all of the nasty things were finally killed or driven off. Unfortunately, the lock was so badly rusted that it could not be picked – Seraphina’s lockpick actually broke in the lock (that’ll need to be replaced later). It was up to Dona and Caine to force the gate open, which made a lot of noise and attracted some attention.

The attention came in the form of cultists and kobolds. Somehow both Dona and Caine were taken down by the vicious attack, though fortunately Sharani and Thertranna were able to clean them up. Seraphina was able to revive them. The tunnel had been opened, and all witnesses were dead. This was now a secret way in and out of the keep.

No sooner had they quaffed a couple of healing potions than the word came down from the battlements – the dragon was attacking!

A fully-grown blue dragon was swooping low over the rampart, letting loose with lightning bolts. Quite a few guards had been overcome with fear of the beast and were cowering in the basement. Seraphina, being a brave halfling, joined them.

The dragon swooped several times, injuring or killing guardsmen on each pass. The party, being largely fluent in Draconic, tried to talk to it, but it declined to respond. After several crossbow bolts and a heroic leap by Caine, the dragon was driven off.

Just then the cry came from below – the cultists had breached the keep’s sally port!

The useless keep guards had more or less scattered, but the group of adventurers was able to dispatch the group of kobolds accompanied by a cultist Acolyte and an ambush drake. The castellan fetched someone who could cast Mending as Dona and Caine held the sally port closed against a larger force of cultists.

Seraphina was able to prevent the Acolyte from dying, and they tied up and interrogated their prisoner. He confessed that he was a member of the Cult of the Dragon, which had attacked Greenest in order to collect loot for the great horde that will usher in the reign of the Queen of Dragons.

Finally, the portal was closed and the party could rest. For a little while.



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