Tyranny of Dragons

Pursuing the Raiders

After the attacking army left Greenest, the adventurers were finally able to get some rest. Midmorning, Governor Nighthill woke them and requested their help. He needed to find out where the raiders were camped, how many there were, who their leaders were, and what their next target is. The five adventurers were the most able and best equipped to perform this reconnaissance. The Governor offered a substantial reward for any information, and if some of the town’s valuables could be recovered, that would be good too.

As they were preparing to depart Greenest, they were approached by an injured monk who asked them for news of his master, Leosin Erlanthar. Erlanthar has been investigating the Cult of the Dragon for months and went missing during the battle. Either he has attempted to infiltrate the raiders, or he has been captured.

The attacking army’s trail was easy enough to follow. It was pretty clear that the army consisted mainly of humans, kobolds and trained reptiles. The beast tracks were deeper going away from the town than they were approaching.

The First Ambush

Several miles away from the town, rolling fields gave way to rocky plateaus and escarpments. Climbing one, they noticed the smoke from a small fire some distance ahead. Approaching carefully, they spied a small group of cultists and kobolds that had stopped to cook a meal on their way back to their camp. The human cultists and the kobolds were in separate groups, and they didn’t appear to like each other much. Neither group was prepared for an attack.

The plan was to capture and interrogate one of the raiders, but it was not to be. Breonna stepped up to the group of kobolds and unleashed a spell that killed many of them, and the remainder were finished off by the others. One cultist tried to run, but he was pursued by Breonna and Dona, finally being brought down by one of Dona’s javelins.

Disappointed at not being able to interrogate a prisoner, the party continued following the trail of the army.

The Second Ambush

The sharp-eyed adventurers spotted the attacking cultists before they could drop rocks on their heads. They were travelling along the floor of a canyon, and the cultists had hidden on ledges 12-15 feet above on either side. As they pushed boulders off the ledges in an attempt to block the canyon, Heironymous Caine climbed up to the ledge. Cultist spellcasters tried casting cantrips, but they were largely unsuccessful.

Dona tried to take out one entire ledge herself – she might have achieved it too, but she did have help from Breonna and Seraphina Tealeaf, who both were able to take out cultists.

One spellcaster was captured. and Seraphina patrolled the area while Breonna and Dona “interrogated” him. Unfortunately he was tight-lipped and fanatical in his devotion to the cult. Caine would not touch the holy symbol of Tiamat, but in the end it did not matter. Once it was clear that the cultist wasn’t going to talk, Breonna executed him.

The Raiders’ Camp

Following the trail, the party finally came to the raiders’ camp in the early evening. The raiders had made a camp inside a horseshoe-shaped plateau that rose about a hundred and fifty feet above ground level. There was a guard tower at the entrance.

Several plans were discussed, including climbing the cliffs surrounding the camp, disguising themselves as cultists and feigning the approach of a larger force, but in the end it was noted that the raiders were not on guard and didn’t appear to be at all concerned about a counterattack.

Wearing stolen cult robes, the party strolled straight in. They started to make their way towards the largest tent, but they were stopped by a large and burly cultist who recognised Caine from his (very short) battle with Langdedrosa Cyanwrath. Hands were laid on them and they were taken into custody.



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