Tyranny of Dragons


Revenge is sweet

Even though they were wounded and mostly out of spells, the party decided to tackle the chimney immediately, without a rest. Dona led the way up the ladder, but she wasn’t nearly stealthy enough to avoid being noticed by Frulam Mondath, who was working at a desk in what appeared to be an office and living quarters.

The whole party was invited up and Mondath attempted to bargain for her life. However, she recognised Seraphina Tealeaf – they appeared to have some history together. Seraphina was certainly extremely angry, and battle was joined immediately.

Despite casting a number of spells, Mondath was finally taken down by Heironymous Caine, but not before a horde of cultist reinforcements arrived. The cultists were delayed in the doorway and finally all killed – though one escaped – as Mondath lay bleeding. Before she could die, she was revived by Seraphina, tied up, and allowed to recover.

She must have regretted regaining consciousness, but not for very long. Seraphina said “This is for my daughter” and unleashed a vicious and bloody retribution which left only a severely mutilated corpse.

Seraphina revealed to the rest of the party that she used to run with the Cult of the Dragon, but she was betrayed by the leadership and her family, including her daughter, were killed. She had a hit list with three names on it. Mondath was one of them. Another was Rezmir, a half-black dragon who set up the raider’s camp and was a senior member of the Cult of the Dragon. She kept the third name to herself for now.

On one of the tables there was a map which appeared to show the course of the caravan carrying the treasure – west towards Beregost then north along the Trade Way. A note indicated that the goods had to be delivered to Naerytar, though it was unclear whether this was a person or a place. They also found a pristine set of purple robes. They took map, note and robes for later use.

Death and the Guard Drakes

They were just about ready to go, but Heironymous Caine recalled that Leosin Erlanthar had said that the raiders in the camp referred to this cave as “The nursery”. They had to push on.

Down a set of stairs that ran off the temple, they came to a huge chamber, misty and with the constant sound of dripping water. They were on a wide ledge along one side of the chamber. Stairs went down to the floor, and like a similar pit earlier, a cage and gate prevented any egress between the pit and the ledge. Perhaps this should have tipped them off…

Seraphina was able to pick the lock just as Breonna found the key hanging from a peg on the wall opposite. The entire party made their way down the stairs. Just then they noticed several round objects sailing through the air from a secondary pit towards them. The objects exploded into gluey goo and fire – Thertranna, Heironymous Caine and Seraphina Tealeaf were all stuck in the glue, though only Seraphina was unable to wrench herself free. Dona immediately leapt into the pit to take on the four kobolds there who had thrown the grenades, which was a pity because it meant that she could not assist in the fight against the two fully grown guard drakes that ambushed the rest of the party.

Thertranna was taken down first by the large and vicious lizards, and Heironymous Caine shortly thereafter. Dona was finally able to defeat the kobolds and come to the party’s aid, but she was also taken down. Seraphina Tealeaf hung onto life by a mere thread when an eldritch blast from Breonna finally killed the last of the monsters.

With all of the monsters dead and the party on their last legs, they were finally able to take stock of their surroundings, which contained three large dragon eggs. What were they to do with them? Leave them and they will undoubtedly hatch into dragons that would grow to terrorise the country. Take them and they would still hatch, but perhaps they could be controlled or tamed in some way. Alternatively, they could just be destroyed and the embryos within killed.



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