Dona: How did these guys take me down???

Thertranna: Lock the door with a barbarian – would that work?

Seraphina Tealeaf: Eight foot high, three foot wide, and sneaky as fuck.

Breonna: We’ll use the dead bats to make bat shoes.

Breonna: Everybody’s bleeding out! EVERYBODY’S BLEEDING OUT!

Breonna: That could have been handled better.

Seraphina Tealeaf: Let’s not worry about the flying death cows for now.

Seraphina Tealeaf: Cap’n, on the way back, we should probably pick up the bard.
Heironymous Caine: Nah, she’s having fun. Did you see how much that thing’s laughing?

Thertranna: I’m going to axe him why he didn’t heed the severe thunderstorm warning.

Heironymous Caine: I’M REALLY AFRAID OF YOU!!!

Breonna: Question successfully axed.

Breonna: I’m so proud! That’s the first time I’ve ever not killed anybody in a negotiation!

Thertranna: Shall we knock the gnome on the noggin?

Seraphina Tealeaf: I’m hoping this guy is pretty average, because he started off middle-of-the-road.

Seraphina Tealeaf: Oh dear. I’m a terrible girlfriend.

Thertranna: There are hissing rats in the locked room.
Heironymous Caine: Sounds like a euphemism.

Seraphina Tealeaf: I don’t want to murder a bunch of lizards in cold blood!

Heironymous Caine: Every time we go into a place and try to not murder everyone, it turns out to be easier just to murder everyone.


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