The Tyranny of Dragons has begun!

Severin and the Cult of the Dragon plot to unleash Tiamat, Queen of Evil Dragons, from her prison in the Nine Hells to create a new dragon empire. Join the heroes of Neverwinter in their battle to save Faerûn.

Five wildly different adventurers have found themselves in the midst of an attack on the sleepy village of Greenest.


Dona, a human barbarian (Deceased)
Heironymous Caine, a human fighter
Seraphina Tealeaf, a halfling cleric of a trickster god
Breonna, a human warlock
Thertranna, a half-orc bard
Berrian Amakiir, a wood elf ranger

Episode 1: Greenest in Flames

The characters are Level 1.

1: Attack on Greenest
2: Defending the Keep
3: Saving Greenest

Episode 2: The Raiders’ Camp

The characters are Level 2, and leveled up to 3 during episode 5.

4: Pursuing the Raiders

Episode 3: Dragon Hatchery

The characters are Level 3.

5: The Nursery
6: The Temple
7: Revenge

Episode 4: On The Road

The characters are Level 4, and leveled up to 5 during episode 12.

8: On The Road
9: Spider Attack (Dona dies)
10: Life On The Road
11: Life – Still On The Road
12: End of the Road

Episode 5: Construction Ahead

The characters are Level 5.

13: The Carnath Roadhouse
14: Castle Naerytar
15: The Fight In The Keep

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Tyranny of Dragons

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