Tyranny of Dragons

Attack on Greenest

Five adventurers joined a caravan headed for the sleepy village of Greenest, each for their own reasons. Some were compelled, others wandering aimlessly. But all were drawn together when the caravan approached the village and it became clear that the village was under attack – by a dragon!

Sharp-eyed Seraphina Tealeaf noticed that the dragon itself wasn’t exactly attacking so much as perhaps intimidating – it was swooping low over the town, letting off the occasional bolt of lightning, then flying off to land in a field and eat some sheep. It didn’t seem too interested in the attack itself.

As the group arrived in the town, a family darted out from between two buildings, pursued by a group of kobolds. The woman who was attempting to defend her family was quickly taken down as the party attacked. Though Seraphina was able to stabilise her, one of the children was killed by kobold slingers.

As the party took down the last of the kobolds, the grateful woman introduced herself as (insert name here). She pleaded with the party to help get her family to the keep, which was still open.

The way was hard, with several groups of kobolds and human cultists to cut through on the way. One group was trying (unsuccessfully) to set fire to a building, while another clumsily attempted an ambush. Fortunately the group of adventurers, with civilians in tow, were able to make it to the keep, where they met with Governor (insert name here), who was observing the battle from the parapets.

It appeared that the attackers were not particularly interested in attacking the keep – they were more concerned with looting and pillaging the houses and shops. He requested the adventurers’ help in defending the town and rescuing the civilians.

The first priority – apart of course from the dragon who returned from time to time – was an old secret tunnel that led to the stream. The tunnel was intended to be used during a siege for the defenders to retrieve water, but the keep has never been besieged and the gate has long since rusted shut. Opening the tunnel will allow a small group of adventurers to return to the town after the keep has been sealed, and attempt to rescue civilians.



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