Tyranny of Dragons

End of the Road


Finally the end of the journey was in sight. However, after rounding a bend and coming over a hill, a head was spotted in the middle of the road. On closer examination it turned out not to be severed. It was alive, and the body that the head was attached to appeared to be buried in the middle of the Trade Way. Written on his forehead was the word “Oathbreaker”.

Many of the caravanners insisted that he clearly deserved his fate, and continued on. Heironymous Caine and Breonna had mercy on the man. Berrian Amakiir fed the man a healing berry, and he regained consciousness.

He said his name was Carlon Amoffel, and the oath he broke was to marry a woman. He discovered to his chagrin that she was the daughter of a bandit chief, and he was expected to join them. He of course refused, which is why they buried him up to his neck in a major road.

It took several hours to dig him out, but it wasn’t long before a Harper tattoo was visible on his arm. Once unburied, he told the party the truth – that he, like them, was following the Cult but was discovered. He had contacts in Waterdeep who would be able to help on their mission.

Who’s Your Friend?

The following morning, Jamna Gleamsilver approached the party at breakfast. Silently she took Seraphina’s bowl of oatmeal and fished around it with her dagger. She pulled out a tiny lump, which she said was a sliver of bone. Once ingested it would uncurl and tiny spikes would tear into their innards. She offered to talk that night. Seraphina was overjoyed that she had a date, but the others searched their own breakfasts carefully, finding a few small lumps that might have been bone slivers, but also might have been oat husks, small stones or insect husks.

That night Seraphina met with Jamna, who asked her all about the Cult and their caravan. Seraphina was able to tell her about the Cult and what was in the wagons. The party attempted to interrogate Jamna, but didn’t get much information out of her. Specifically they wanted to know who she was working for, but all she would say was that they really didn’t want to know. Then Jamna left, disappointing Seraphina, who had expected a night raid. Carlon Amoffel was suspicious, and speculated that she might have been a member of the Zhentarim.

Murder Most Foul

The following day, one of the cultists posing as a caravan guard was found murdered, a sword wound in his back. The other cultists immediately pointed their fingers at the party, but fortunately most of the other caravanners looked on the party quite highly – after all, they had saved the caravan from spiders, perytons, hobgoblins and doppelgangers, so the cult had a hard time pinning this murder on them. However, from here on, the cultists never failed to look on the party with anything but undisguised hatred. Jamna Gleamsilver denied any knowledge of the murder.


Finally the party arrived at the city of Waterdeep. Here, the caravan broke up. Their employers paid them and scattered into the city. The cult wagons, however, headed straight for a warehouse in the north of the city, where they appeared to unload cargo. Azbara Jos at this time was never unaccompanied by several Cult guards. In the warehouse, Breonna lost contact with her familiar, which reappeared shortly thereafter and reported being attacked. It appeared that Azbara had been part of the Cult all along.

The talk of the town was that a half-black dragon had been seen in the city a tenday earlier, but had left heading north.

It was not difficult for the party to get hired by the High Road Charter Company, which had been tasked by Lord Neverember to rebuild the road between Waterdeep and Neverwinter. Jamna Gleamsilver also joined them on this trip.

The trip to the work camp was expected to take ten days. A few days after leaving, the party was attacked by a small group of orcs and an ogre, but they were killed quickly.



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