Tyranny of Dragons

Life On The Road

Ten days into the trip, Berrian Amakiir noticed that a pair of eagles circling overhead were not actually eagles. He identified two perytons just as they stooped to attack. Fortunately they were easily dispatched with little harm to the party.

The weather turned bad, and the caravan had to slog for several days of freezing rain. Finally one night they came across an inn. It looked like they would have some shelter for the night, but there was a group of nobles in the common room who had booked the place out for the whole night. They weren’t very nice about it, either, and they proviked Heironymous Caine pretty hard, and as he tried to get redress, they drew poisoned swords and attacked. Caine and Breonna were grievously poisoned, but when they started attacking Berrian, he suddenly woke up and realised it had all been a dream.

The party was still in the caravan, in the rain. Miserably, they continued their journey.

A couple of days later they came across a wagon being attacked by a small group of hobgoblins. They were able to rescue the wagon driver, but one of his guards was killed. He asked for help, and they loaned him a pair of horses so that he could take his wagon to the nearest town. He vowed to pay them back if he was able.

Meanwhile, a dwarf guard named Tyjit Skesh started obnoxiously expressing an interest in Breonna’s dolly. She offered a copper for it, but Breonna steadfastly refused to sell. Skesh got ruder and ruder, but was eventually dissuaded by Breonna’s friends, who threatened violence if she continued to harass Breonna.

As they were making camp that night, two buxom young lasses – twin sisters – joined the caravan. They had been making camp in one of the only convenient locations when the vanguard of the caravan arrived. They seemed friendly enough, though they did express quite an interest in Caine.

The following morning, Breonna found that her dolly was missing. Angrily they confronted Skesh, who maintained her innocence, even under Detect Thoughts. Satisfied, the party looked around for who else might have been responsible for taking the dolly. They focused on the twin sisters, who were nowhere to be found. However, Berrian noticed two other caravanners who were behaving oddly. He concluded that the caravan had been infiltrated by a pair of doppelgangers. Seraphina Tealeaf stealthily searched the pair’s belongings and did indeed find the dolly. A fight broke out, and upon being killed the doppelgangers reverted to their true forms, showing the entire caravan the reason for the fight.

The caravan continued on its long journey. They were about halfway to Waterdeep, and the next major town was Daggerford.



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