Tyranny of Dragons

The Fight In The Keep

So far the party had avoided attracting the attention of the Cult of the Dragon. That was about to change.

They sneaked past the guard drakes in the inner courtyard, and entered the central keep. Te lower floor was empty, so Heironymous Caine headed up the spiral stairs to the second floor.

A dozen lizardfolk guards were on duty in the main room of this floor. They opened with a volley of javelins, only a few of which struck home. A desparate battle ensued – Caine, Breonna and Seraphina Tealeaf made it to the top floor, but Berrian Amakiir and Thertranna weren’t able to make it up the stairs quickly enough.

Azbara Jos was also on the second floor, and tried to escape invisibly, pushing Seraphina aside to get down the stairs. He conjured a cloud of fog to fill the lower floor as the Wearer of Purple, Dralmorrer Borngray, also made a desperate attempt to escape.

Upstairs, both Caine and Breonna were dropped by the relentless Lizardfolk attacks, leaving Seraphina to heal them, using one of Tymora’s gifts – the ability to create illusionary mirror images.

Downstairs, Thertranna was beset by lizardfolk as both Jos and Borngray escaped past her and Berrian. Thertranna continued to try and fight the lizardfolk despite the conjured fog, while Berrian chased Jos and Borngray. Jos was able to use a teleportation spell to escape from the courtyard, while Borngray dashed (moving faster than might otherwise be expected of an Elf) into the castle proper. Berrian followed him past the cultists in the great hall, into the southwest tower.

Stairs led both up to higher floors of the tower, and down to an underground section. Berrian checked the upper floor first, but sensed that another group of cultists was gathered in the rooms here and retreated, fearing discovery.

Downstairs, he was able to pick up Borngray’s trail again as he raced through damp and misty dungeons.


I’m just going to say that on the whole, this went surprisingly well, since, y’know, the last time we split up the band…

The Fight In The Keep

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