Tyranny of Dragons

The Nursery

Escaping the camp

Having been captured, the characters were brought before Frulam Mondath, the leader of the raiders. They exchanged a few words, and the party tried to convince her that they were hoping to join the cult. Unfortunately, Mondath knew that Heironymous Caine was the one who tried to fight Langdedrosa Cyanwrath and sentenced them to die.

They were tied to stakes, accompanying another prisoner – Leosin Erlanthar. He did not seem impressed with their attempts to rescue him.

They were unable to escape by themselves, but fortunately Erlanthar had a knife hidden in his boot that the Cultists did not find. Using this, the party were able to free themselves, and after a quick healing spell, Erlanthar as well.

They were spotted as they went for their gear, which had been carelessly placed in a chest nearby, and had to fight off a small group of cultists before scaling the cliff to escape the camp.


Erlanthar was able to provide quite a bit of information to Governor Nighthill and the party, some of which was already known.

  • Not everyone in the camp is a full-fledged member of the Cult of the Dragon. Many are initiates working towards full acceptance, and many others are simple mercenaries, hired to flesh out the camp’s strength during raids or if it should come under attack.
  • The kobolds are there because their worshipful attitude towards dragons makes them easy to manipulate, but they are not well liked or trusted by the other races.
  • The cult has been ranging far and wide on small raids to collect treasure. Greenest was the closest target to the camp, the biggest of all the towns they’ve attacked, and the most profitable.
  • The half-black dragon Rezmir came to the area a few months ago, and she set up the camp. Frulam Mondath handles everyday operations.
  • The half-blue dragon Langdedrosa Cyanwrath is Mondath’s right hand, and is seldom seen far from her side. He has a rigid sense of honour but you don’t want to make him angry.
  • The cave at the back of the camp is off-limits to all but those who have been cleared by Mondath and Rezmir, which includes a handful of guards and kobolds. It’s known around camp as “The nursery” and it’s an open secret that Rezmir plans to hatch a clutch of dragon eggs there.
  • The plunder from nearby settlements is stored in the cave. No-one but Rezmir knows how much there is altogether, but it must be a big pile by now.
  • The mother of dragons – praise Tiamat’s glory! – shall return, and when that day comes, all the world will tremble before her majesty!

Returning to the camp

The party returned to the camp after a couple of days’ rest. They found the camp to be almost abandoned – the kobold dwellings on the lower level had all been burned, but the tents on the upper level were intact, though lifeless. It appeared that the army had abandoned the camp by heading in small groups in all directions, but it was relatively easy to notice that the main bulk of the wagons left in a westward direction.

They were noticed by a pair of hunters who told them that there are still a few of the Cultists left in the camp – the Wearer of Purple, the Dragon-man and some of the dragon-dogs (kobolds). Breonna was able to read their minds and determine that they had no direct link to the Cultists and only hunted for pay. They were convinced to move on.

Breonna’s newly-conjured raven familiar (named Quoth, of course) scouted the cave entrance. It was dark, but they were able to determine two figures on guard in the mouth of the cave. The party stealthily approached, avoided detection, and eliminated the two guards very quickly. The guards appeared to have better gear than the regular run-of-the-mill cultists.

Further into the cave, the floor dropped away to a field of mushrooms and fungus of various sizes about 10’ below the entrance level. There was a set of stairs down one side, but as she went down them, Seraphina Tealeaf tripped a trap which dumped her on her back at the feet of four violet fungi, which immediately attacked. Fortunately no-one was seriously injured.

Beyond the fungus cave, they noticed a number of small forms on the floor, which upon close inspection appeared to be dead bats. They had been exsanguinated. Looking up, it was clear that the ceiling of the cave was carpeted with bats – millions of them. The party made their way stealthily through this cave, avoiding disturbing the bats and the stirges that they presumed were hiding among them.

Beyond this cave they were presented with a choice – either a drop-off to darkness ahead, a large passage to their left, or a smaller passage to the right. On the floor near the smaller passage was an old and rusty spear. They chose the left, and encountered several kobolds, killing them quite quickly. They noticed that one of them had wings.

During the fight, something in a pit to their right started howling, which attracted another larger group of kobolds from ahead.



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