Tyranny of Dragons

The Temple

Kobolds and Drakes

A force of kobolds burst from the corridor to attack the party as howls sounded from within the pit. Three of them spread their wings and flew above the party, dropping large rocks. Heironymous Caine, poisoned by the pit-and-spike trap, hummed a jaunty sea shanty as his colleagues fought for their lives.

The winged kobolds few to the back of the chamber, near where the characters entered. Here there was a set of stairs leading down into the pit, but it was surrounded by a cage. One of the kobolds was killed, but another succeeded in opening the gate, allowing three juvenile Guard Drakes to come up the stairs and attack the party.

It was a hard battle, and Thertranna was taken down during the fight, but they did manage to defeat the kobolds and drakes. Caine managed to control his confusion for just long enough to assist.

Bloodied, the party needed to rest. They cleaned up the bodies and camped for an hour in the dark pit, with Seraphina Tealeaf on guard. During the rest, Langdedrosa Cyanwrath, accompanied by two barbarian bodyguards, came to investigate, but he did not see the party. Complaining about kobolds abandoning their posts, he returned to wherever he came from.

Somewhat recovered, the party continued through the dungeon.

The Temple

After carefully stepping over the falling-rocks trap at the top of the stairs, the party found the chamber where the kobolds lived. Repelled by the smell, they resolved to search it thoroughly later.

From that chamber there was a long staircase that led down to what appeared to be a temple to the dragon goddess Tiamat. Langdedrosa Cyanwrath and his bodyguards were there, and gleefully entered combat.

This time, Heironymous Caine killed the half-dragon, though to be fair he did have help this time. His colleagues mopped up the barbarian bodyguards.

Looking about the room, they saw that the temple included a statue or icon of a five-headed dragon, surrounded by carvings of dragons – black dragons in particular outnumbered all other types. There was a small chest on the floor, which Seraphina Tealeaf carefully checked for traps. She found and disabled two triggers – one under the chest itself, which would go off if the chest were moved, and one on the lock. Careful inspection of the carvings on the wall suggested that the small holes in the mouths of all the black dragons constituted an acid spray trap. The chest contained a few items of jewellery and a small pouch containing some gems.

There were two ways out of the room – a set of stairs leading down, and a chimney with a rope ladder in the far corner. The halfling climed up the shaft and found that the top was covered by a rug.



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